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  • ALTERNATIVE FAMILIES | Several years ago (21 to be nearly exact!) my former husband Gary and I divorced. Rather than have our divorce be a battleground where we enumerated all the ways each of us went wrong in the marriage, we chose instead to BE GREAT PARENTS to our two children – Talus and Colwyn – rather than an embittered, divorced couple.

    To that end, we set aside our complaints about one another (with practice of course!), and created a household where both parents would be available to both children – either just a few doors down from one another, or sharing a home together.

    Shortly after the divorce, and after moving to Portland, my mother joined us (nearly 20 years ago now!). And recently so did my partner Mark and his sweet daughter Shay during the times he has her (the wrinkles in the occurring of his divorce have not yet been ironed out – and we’re still in the game of having a delighted, happy, blended family!).

    My children have since grown up and moved out into the world on their own…Mark, Mom, Shay and I have moved from Portland to a 100-acre farm in Corvallis. We love and rely on our blended and extended family just the same as when we all shared a home together…

    And this, as they say, was something that just wasn’t going to happen had we conformed to what was acceptable in society. 😉

    June 16, 2014

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