A’s England :: Winchester to London in 72 dpi

Just after I left advertising, and mere months before Working Artists, LLC was even a twinkle in my mind, I had an opportunity to travel to England to meet with some of the world’s foremost leaders in applying the arts to improve and transform the lives of prison inmates.

I had just completed a 1 1/2 year experience leading arts-based workshops to women inmates at Coffee Creek Correctional in Wilsonville, Oregon and I was clear of the transformative power of the arts. What I didn’t have was any idea how to put a business or organizational structure around this thing I was doing that had such an enormous positive impact. But the men I met with in England did.

Before boarding the plane from Portland to Heathrow, a friend gave me a little, low resolution digital camera (this was before phones took pictures) to record my trip. Taking pictures was easy–and exciting! The problem came in when I needed to transfer the images to CD-ROM so I could empty the tiny chip to take more shots.

Of the two weeks of images I shot, less than 50 made the transition. These are some of the few that made it.

These are mostly location shots–places I visited while there. A third of them were taken in Winchester, were I was headquartered for the two weeks I was in England. The other two-thirds taken in London, and half of those in Whitechapel where Jack the Ripper wreaked his inglorious havoc. (I’m a Ripper fanatic, and still entertain dreams of creating a LARG–Live Alternate Reality Game–for other fans to role play the mystery of “who” to their hearts content!)

Oh, it was Christmas-time as well.

I hope you enjoy the images, manipulations and all..

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