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Studio (Call for Appointment – Last appt. available at the Portland Studio is 12/11/13)


Xanadu Gallery
[HQ – Scottsdale Arizona]

Adrienne's Studio

I’M MOVING TO A 100-ACRE FARM IN CORVALLIS OREGON. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES ON MY NEW STUDIO!!! I will miss my space at 5819 NE Alberta, PORTLAND, Oregon :: My studio sits at the back of a small urban farm lot on the east end of NE Alberta Street. I share the yard (not the studio space – heh!) with 5 lovely egg producing hens, 3 ducks, 2 mellow dogs and one very cooool Siamese cat.


Xanadu Gallery

ONLINE REPRESENTATION: http://xanadugallery.com
The owner of Xanadu Gallery, J. Jason Horejs, is a HUGE supporter of emerging and mid-career artists. Raised by parents who are successful painters, Jason has a powerful interest in helping artists become business savvy in a career they are passionate about. His book, “Starving to Successful” is one of the best books written for artists seeking gallery representation, and he’s developed a great inventory tool for artists as well. Its’ an honor to have my work in his online gallery.

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