Artist’s Declaration

I am a mom (favorite job!), life partner to a wonderful man (favorite job#2), and explorer (my OTHER favorite job!), with a penchant for creating stuff – art, written works, projects, friendships.

My artwork deals primarily with the passions and inspirations that drive human beings, those things that propel us forward to overcome great odds and defy convention, allowing us to realize our exceptional potential. I think of this creative ability as the most powerful expression of love.  My work also focuses on using art (in all its forms) as a breakthrough medium for individuals and their communities – providing a clearing for self-expression, healing, and transformation. I believe we all have exceptional potential. Ultimately, my intention is to produce work, and an environment, that gives you the momentary circumstance to see it in yourself by seeing it in the conduit of my work.

My mantra is my life’s guide: All is as it is. I love, I am loved, I am a conduit for love. I walk with extraordinary companions, and will until the end of my days.

Thank you for visiting here and being an extraordinary companion.

Current Work

My on-going personal project is called “Journey to Freedom: a Visual and Written Chronicle about Inspiration, Healing and Self-Possession”.

Short Bio

I have a professional background riddled with a variety of amazing experiences- as a muralist, writer and producer of live-action interactive mysteries for everyman and woman, magazine publisher in Japan, a digital e-zine wunderkind, client services maven in high-tech interactive ad firm, and now a community and applied arts activist working with marginalized communities, students and the public-at-large. All these experiences culminate in a commitment for cultural healing, peace and freedom. To be in the second half of my life, living actively as an artist whose work provides a space for others’ self-expression and healing is a lifelong dream come true. [I highly recommend following your passion, fulfilling your dreams and pursuing your high-minded intents — it is the heartbeat of a vibrant life.] I invite you to contact me and find out what the next step for us both might be together — using the arts in a profound and lasting way — giving the world new opportunities for full self-expression and actualization. I shall talk to you soon.

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