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Adrienne Fritze, Adrienne Fritze ArtsWork

What brought you to your Craft?

adrienneBeing an artist, for me, was less about “becoming” one. It was far more about allowing myself to be me. It’s been a great relief to my family and community to do so as they’ve known all along where my heart and soul lay…

I’m completely self-taught in my various art forms—it’s a matter of “practice makes better” (not perfect yet!). It’s pretty much the way I have explored my life…choosing adventures and then PRACTICING. 😀

How long have you been creating your chosen craft?

I have been active in professionally producing crafts and arts since I was about 10 years old – as of today that makes it a total of 43 years of art and craft-making.

What influences your art?

The topmost influence in my work are the people I meet in my life, and their always compelling stories. I find great inspiration in folks day-to-day triumphs—like my friend’s daughter being bullied, beat-up and robbed by a gang of girls from her middle school, and she picking herself up, dusting herself off and going to school the next day and facing them in the hallways with great courage.

Waterloo Two

Waterloo Two

What makes you an artisan instead of just a hobbyist?

Probably those 43 years of art and craft making! At 10, I started with my first “lemonade stand” where I sold my hand-crafted Creepy Crawler® pencil head creatures alongside bags of popcorn and paper cups of Koolaid®. Since that time I have:

  • established my found object collage work (I call it Extreme Collage™) with a growing collector base throughout the USA;
  • written poetry and essays to go with my visual work which has been published in a variety of exhibit catalogues and magazines:
  • been juried into Portland Open Studios two years consecutively;
  • founded and operated a Studio and Gallery complex in NW Portland where I honed my curation skills;
  • and now I have a private studio where I create commissions, explore series of works that pique my interest; and
  • I now have a line of illustrative work I call Doodles By A™ which you will find in our store, Artistic Portland.

What else do you create?

I am an assemblage artist, collagist, and illustrator, scrap metal sculptor, installation artist and manipulate my photography (prefer low-res) in Photoshop. I also write and publish poetry and essays, do select graphic design work and build websites for all my projects.

What is your favorite piece or thing you create and why?

I favor ALL my work. It is such a distinct privilege to be gifted with creative abilities that I find myself in love, and LIKE, with all my work!

What does it take to create your craft?

Practice. Experimentation. Play.

BLUE: Spirit, an Extreme Collage™  © Adrienne Fritze

BLUE: Spirit, Extreme Collage™ – © Adrienne Fritze

In terms of materials :: for my Doodles By A™ work I use archival papers, pens, markers, mechanical pencils, drawing pencils—I tend to want keep that process very simple so I am able to do it anywhere I find myself. For the Extreme Collage™, assemblage and installation work I use all kinds of materials (wire, broken glass and mirrors, fibres, glitter, used mesh vegetable and fruit bags, sequins, antique lace and beads, keys, paper of all ilks, plastic, metal scraps, slag, material, wood scraps, screening of windows, and others) and binders (glues, resins, tacks, clips, rubber bands, staples, nails, screws, solder, needle and thread, more wire, and the like).

What is special about your craft and what you do?

The stories that inspire, or are inspired by, my work is the special secret sauce. Although I do have a very distinctive style in all the forms of my work, I think it’s more the energy that moves me to create a work, or moves someone else when they are interacting with one of my pieces (even gazing at a work and feeling SOMETHING for it is interactive!) that has the work stand out.

My collectors and people who commission my work use terms like “Beautiful,” “Haunting,” “Disturbing,” “Soothing,” “ I LOVE your use of materials!” and the like, I think, to describe that energy…

Where can you be found online?

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